One of the Worst Movies I Have Ever Seen

I went to see the fourth Indiana Jones movie last night and was sorry I did. The decision was between Get Smart or the Indy film. I can’t wait to see Get Smart now to help erase the memory of the horrible movie I did see. I’m not a big Indiana Jones buff, but was looking forward to seeing Harrison Ford in one of his most beloved roles again. I don’t remember very much of the stories of the previous Indy films but do remember enjoying and being satisfied that Spielberg and Lucas did their best to make them entertaining. This fourth one was just plain silly. Hopefully Mr. Ford is lined up to be featured in some other role before he is finished with his acting career and won’t have this movie as the end to his illustrious career. I am shocked that he agreed to do this movie with its weak and disjointed script. After surfing the net, I will say that most of the reviews have been positive and the film is making a huge amount of money, but I believe every one of the other movies on my recently seen list are so much better than Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.