Sara Hickman

One of my favorite performers to see live that has Dallas and Denton roots is Sara Hickman. She is just a wonderful, wonderful person and I don’t even know her. But I do know what she has to say and I do know some of her music and have seen her perform a number of times. I was sad years ago when I heard she moved to Austin and left the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. She had gone to North Texas during some of the years that I did and my brother had worked with her in Denton at a restaurant.

Anyway, I just saw her perform again for the Texas Coalition Against the Death Penalty (TCADP). It was not just her singing, but a multimedia event with a few speakers and a couple of other singers. But she was the star. The thing about Sara is that when she likes and supports a cause, she puts a lot of time and energy into it. She walks the walk.

Sara performed a song a cappella about what the mother of Cho Seung-Hui, the Virginia Tech mass murderer, might be going through and how she might feel. Sara is a mother herself and can empathize with other mothers.

She has an awesome website at Please check out her site, blog, causes, and music.