I am no Batman aficionado, having seen only two of the movies, but I thought The Dark Knight was a good film, but not the phenomenal movie many have professed it to be (I liked Iron Man better). I didn’t see Batman Begins, so I was not used to the Christian Bale Bruce Wayne and the Michael Caine Alfred. They were a “dynamic duo,” but the real standouts in the movie were Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart. I just have not seen both of these actors give a second rate performance. Of course, I would have liked to remember Heath Ledger more as Casanova than The Joker with that crackled, nasty makeup and that thin, stringy, greasy hair. Eckhart is, to me, one of the best actors around. He was great as Harvey Dent/Two Face, but he really shines when he is the star of his many Angelika-type movies such as Thank You for Smoking. I saw him in In the Company of Men in 1997 and he was first truly evil in that one.

An enlightening show on the History Channel that is being shown at various times is “Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight.” This show that I recently watched delved into the whole issue of darkness and evil and what motivates the “caped crusader.” I learned a lot from watching “Batman Unmasked.” They also have another show called “Batman Tech” that is about all of the new gadgets in the The Dark Knight.

Somehow, when I think of Batman, all the memories of the 1960’s show and all its campiness comes to the surface. I had a 45 record that had the theme from the TV show on one side and another song on the B-side about Robin:

There goes Robin, where, where?
On the earth and in the air.
Is it any wonder they call him “The Boy Wonder?”

A great site to remember the TV show can be found at

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  1. Anonymous
    December 2, 2008 at 1:46 AM

    As for Robin, he’s an acrobat, a pugilist, mechanic wizard and scientist. My friend Jim Doyle had a whole album with that song and a bunch of other songs, like 2 songs about the Penguin, and I forget the rest.

    They get stuck in my head too.

  2. December 2, 2008 at 2:01 PM

    Wow. I wouldn’t mind getting to listen to that album . . .

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