Late Nights at the Dallas Museum of Art

Tomorrow, August 15, 2008, the DMA is presenting one of their Late Nights programs from 6 pm until midnight. They are presenting music, readings, a lecture, open mic, films, and more, mainly concerning the Gerald and Sara Murphy exhibition that will be here for another month.

Personally, I am going for the lecture by Dr. Linda Patterson Miller. She is an English professor at Penn State and is the editor of Letters from the Lost Generation: Gerald and Sara Murphy and Friends, a compilation of many of the letters written between the Murphys, Fitzgeralds, Hemingways, Dorothy Parker, and other friends. She has also served as a long-time board member and has held various positions in the Hemingway Society.

Another reason to go is that the museum will be serving Juice of a Few Flowers, a drink that Gerald Murphy often mixed and served to his group of friends.