Bottle Shock

This is the time of the year when all the summer movies are old now and the new fall movies have not yet been released. It’s a great time to see what is playing at the indie and art house theatres. I went with some friends to see the movie Bottle Shock starring Bill Pullman and Alan Rickman last weekend, after having seen the trailers a while ago. What a great little film! It is about the competition between the vineyards of Napa Valley and the some of the best French wines circa the mid 1970s. Based on a true story, the competition was the one that put California wines on par with the French. There were a couple of subplots including a romantic love triangle, a father/son relationship tale, and a story about how the Californians had to work together to promote the wine region. The movie was “right on” with the costumes and look of the 1970s without being too extreme. Most of the movie was set in the Napa Valley and the rest in a Paris wine shop and an abandoned French farm in the provinces where the taste competition was held. I was not familiar with any of the younger actors, but they were cast perfectly in their roles. Alan Rickman was the British wine shop owner who was pompous yet aware of his snobbish ways and Dennis Farina was cast as his next door American travel agency owner in Paris. Seeing Farina in his garish leisure suits and pompadour hair and his New York accent was fun, and the added touch was his wearing of the Bicentennial star on his lapel in Paris.

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  1. September 23, 2009 at 12:12 PM

    I hadn’t heard of this movie, but now can’t resist the idea of Alan Rickman as a wine snob!

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