Patrick Hemingway’s Photographs

When I was in Idaho, I picked up the local newspaper one day and I learned that one of Hemingway’s grandsons, Patrick, was allowed access to take photographs in and around the Finca Vigía (Ernest’s Cuban home and now a museum). The article said he was only allowed access after telling the curators of his relationship to Hemingway. The article also told me that these photos were to be on display at a local Ketchum art gallery called the Anne Reed Gallery. After one of the festival sessions, I rushed over to the gallery to see these photos. To my dismay, there were only three prints hanging in the front gallery. Fortunately, one of the gallery’s employees, Deb, showed me all of the slides from Patrick that she had loaded on her computer. They were so beautiful and showed the Finca in all of its restored glory thus far. I am very grateful to Deb for taking time to show me these prints and talk to me about them, about Ketchum, and about the Hemingways. Next year, a book will be coming out including these beautiful pictures and I am sure, even more of Patrick Hemingway’s work.