book club girl and Isabel Allende

–by Lori Barra © 2009

About a month ago I was reading an entry on
book club girl, one of the links on my blogs list. That day book club girl was offering a free copy of Isabel Allende’s latest book entitled The Sum of Our Days. I hadn’t read any of Ms. Allende’s books since her first one, The House of the Spirits. I also had seen the 1993 movie with Meryl Streep and remember enjoying both. To get Ms. Allende’s latest book, I just had to be one of the first 15 people to comment that day. I was 14th. Wow, a free book! How easy was that?

The next day I got an email asking for my address so the book could be shipped. It arrived a few days later. I immediately read it. I am so grateful to Jen, the book club girl, because now I have rediscovered the writing of Ms. Allende. The Sum of Our Days is written like a long letter to Ms. Allende’s daughter, Paula, who died in the early 1990’s due to porphyria. I knew Ms. Allende had a daughter who had died and I knew she had written a memoir about her daughter. In reading The Sum of Our Days I found out about Ms. Allende’s life and writings since Paula died, as well as learned about her life before that and became familiar with some of her other books and favorite subjects. Please check out the Isabel Allende Foundation.

Book club girl also sent me an email to tell me to be sure to listen to her interview with Ms. Allende on blogtalkradio. I actually did log on and listen and I got to hear Ms. Allende live via the internet. This venue allows callers to ask questions of the authors presented. Also, there is a nice library of interviews that I can listen to at my leisure. The internet still amazes me . . . .