Paula by Isabel Allende

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I just finished reading Paula by Isabel Allende. Massive amounts of tears were shed at the end, even though I already new the sad ending. Having read The Sum of Our Days first, I was very familiar with the characters and knew what the future would bring them.

Paula was really the story of Ms. Allende herself, from childhood through the time of her daughter’s death. I learned a lot about what was happening in Chile and South America as I was growing up here in Texas. Not good stuff happening there. I learned how Ms. Allende had lived overseas in many places, well before she was a famous writer living in California.

My favorite part of this book was her account of how she met her husband, Willie, and how they began their life together. From the way she writes, I feel like I am part of Ms. Allende’s tribe and feel a deep connection to her and her family.

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