Lessons from Friends

What is it that all of us want? I would say it is to be happy. But how do we achieve this idyllic state? Well, there is living simply, living mindfully, not sweating the small stuff, and, um, um, following the example of our dogs. Yes, you read correctly. Following the example of our dogs!

Did any of you ever see the Sandra Dee/James Darrin movie If a Man Answers? The premise of this movie was that you can train a man by using a “How to Train Your Dog” book. In the movie, of course, this worked perfectly. Things like an ample leash, lots of rewards, lots of affection.

Hey, if this premise works in the movies, then why can’t we learn how to live our lives better from following the example of our 4-legged friends, namely dogs?

Let me give you an example or two of what I mean:

1. Have you ever really seen a dog just sitting around worrying? No, they have better things to do! There are cats to be chased, bones to bury, sleep to catch up on. You see, dogs have no sense of the past or of the future—they live only in the present.

2. Dogs have no need to impress anyone—they are what they are and that is enough! Don’t let the commercials fool you!

Think about it before you dismiss my ideas! The list goes on and on and on . . . .

Do dogs hold grudges? I don’t think so!

Dogs know that they are worth the love they receive and they accept it! For example, I was walking my dachshund around White Rock Lake one day and it was very hot. Schatzie’s poor little legs were getting tired and her little foot pads were getting sore. She didn’t mind if I picked her up and carried her the rest of the way—she was glad and relished the experience.

Dogs are always happy to see you and they always let you know it!

You never have to try and second guess what is on a dog’s mind!

When they’re happy, they wag their tails.
When they don’t feel well, they cry.
When they want to play, they jump up and down and turn in circles.
When they don’t want to play, they just walk away.

Dogs know that it is ok to ask for what they want—even if they don’t always get it. They are not above begging.

Talk about reaching goals—if I could only focus like a dog on a ball about to be thrown, then I could achieve whatever goal I wanted!

Think about this one:

Dogs trust that life will take care of them, so they don’t struggle.

Lastly, dogs know that the purpose of their lives is to enjoy the adventure.

I am not talking about all of those high-strung, inbred dogs—I am referring to those everyday good ol’ mutts like you and me that have no serious afflictions when I make these analogies.

Just give it some thought! I didn’t even get into how cats are totally Zen. I just focused on dogs. Birds also have very good traits we could copy. They share everything. Elephants never let their children leave their site. Anyway, most of us have dogs. When you see Fido tonight, just think of all the happiness and joy that he or she gives you and now think about how you can copy him or her to improve your own life!

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  1. March 16, 2009 at 8:02 PM

    I tried very hard to be an elephant….(in more ways than one) Hehe. I’m totally going to forward this post to Jenene!

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