Saturday Randomness

–by Tracey Eaton

Being an Ernest Hemingway aficionado, I have wanted to visit the Finca Vigía, the Cuban home of the writer, but doubted it would probably ever happen in this lifetime. However, due to recent events, the whole Cuba situation with the U.S. is beginning to change and I have been following the blog Along the Malecón to keep updated on what is happening. This is the blog of a journalist who used to work for the Dallas Morning News and was stationed in Cuba for a long time. If you are interested, check out his blog by clicking here. He has some awesome photos, too. I am learning a lot about Cuba, its people, and what is going on just from Tracey Eaton’s links.

It’s festival time in Texas!! This weekend is the Main Street Arts Festival in Ft. Worth and next weekend is the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival in Denton. Main Street has some great artists that come back year after year and lots of music. I am going to hear Bubba Hernandez y Los Super Vatos play Sunday. Denton also has lots of good music (of course) and artists and their wares and great festival food. Brave Combo caps off the weekend as usual on Sunday at 7 pm (April 26th).

I just read a Danielle Steel book again (it has probably been 20 years since I read the last one) and I was not too impressed as I don’t think her writing has improved as it should have by now. The cover of the Eiffel Tower and Paris compelled me to check it out at the library. The writing has improved a little bit and some research was done about World War I, but this book just doesn’t have much substance. It could have been a great short story with a lot of work. The main character, Annabelle Worthington, is born into society in New York but loses her father and brother on the Titanic. She then marries an older guy who later divorces her (because he is gay) and society shuns her thinking she had an affair. Her mother passes away in the meantime so she has no one left and goes to France to help in the war effort. She goes to medical school, is raped by an English aristocrat who is in the British Army, has the baby, claims she’s a widow, finishes medical school, and becomes a doctor in Paris. There she meets a seemingly nice French man from a good family, but when she tells him her story, his personality totally changes and they break up. She takes her daughter to the U.S. to check on some property and on the way back she meets a journalist who she probably spends the rest of her life with and doesn’t judge her because he has seen it all. Not too bad of a story, but the writing is just flat. If I was going to have Paris in the setting, then I would want to have more of the spirit of the city mentioned other than having a nice dinner at Maxim’s and then the Ritz, with no detail. I am glad I didn’t actually buy the book. But Ms. Steel is still churning them out and people are still buying them.