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I went to see Stuart Woods at Barnes and Noble and to get a couple of books signed by him. Mr. Woods’ latest book just came out on April 21st and is entitled Loitering with Intent. It’s another Stone Barrington novel. I had missed getting some books signed by Mr. Woods previously, so I was glad to see he was coming back to Dallas because of the latest book. When I arrived at Barnes and Noble (the huge store across from NorthPark) there were a couple of people sitting in a small section of chairs set up in front of a table with a lectern to the side. So, I knew they weren’t expecting massive crowds (about 50 people showed).

Mr. Woods was on time and started talking about his latest books and what is happening in his life. He is contracted for three books a year and varies the lead characters in each. He is thinking about doing another Rick Barron novel, was impressed that he has gotten such a good response to his Ed Eagle character based in Santa Fe, and mentioned that his last novel was about Will Lee’s second term as President (finally). Will Lee is part of the family featured in his very first and best novel, Chiefs. Also, he upgraded to another model of plane and flew in to Dallas from Kansas City. It took about an hour and a half less than his old plane would have taken.

Mr. Woods then took questions from the audience and I was impressed at the amount and content of the questions. Many people asked him about what his plans were for some of the characters, who he would bring back in the future, and more personal questions about his writing routine and life. All in all, Mr. Woods was quite personable. I didn’t know what to expect since he always has a 3-page statement in his books about contacting him and about his work that comes across as a little pompous. I was pleasantly surprised.

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    You are invited to “Writer’s Day,” — May 1 — each writer writes about writing. Hope to read you soon…

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