Star Trek

A couple of days ago I went to see the new Star Trek movie. I must have really wanted to see this movie as I usually don’t make a point of going to see a new release on opening day. I thought it might be packed, but if you go to a theatre that has seen better days, then you usually can avoid the big crowds. I had been seeing lots of the new young actors that are in the movie on the late night talk shows and I think that is what piqued my interest to such a degree.

I was too young to remember the Star Trek TV series in its first run, but I sure did watch the reruns on the local UHF channel for many years. I liked trying to recognize the guest stars and enjoyed the characters. Captain James T. Kirk was, of course, my favorite. I have seen some of the theatrical releases based on the series, but not all of them, and thought they were “OK.” The Planet of the Apes movies and its short-lived TV series were my favorite science fiction subject and some of the actors played in various aspects of both. Some of the Ape people were invited to the Trekkie conventions (so I would read). Mark Lenard played Spock’s father in the TV series and some of the movies and was an important gorilla, Urko, in the Apes TV show.

Anyway, I decided to check out Star Trek on the spur of the moment. What an enjoyable two hours that flew by. I am going to write a few of the positives, negatives, and interesting aspects I found about the movie (thanks, Ennyman).

I think the casting for this movie was the finest aspect of this prequel. Chris Pine plays Kirk. I think he captured the essence of Kirk (his individualism, his humor, and William Shatner’s mannerisms and quirkiness, at times). Chris Pine was one of the young actors in the movie Bottle Shock that I wrote about earlier. Zachary Quinto plays Spock and he has a long list of credits in many TV shows and movies, most notably Heroes. He also has a great website where I learned I missed/slept through him on Saturday Night Live last night. When he is not in Spock character, he reminds me of a young Ken Olin (thirtysomething). I could go on an on about the wonderful young actors in this movie, but they are all over the internet now.

One of the negatives about the film for me is that I got tired of Kirk being beat up so much (some negative for some people, right?), as it got a little tedious for me. How could he keep going? Poor Chris Pine—I hope he didn’t have too many takes for some of those scenes. Also the movie tried to have a bar scene á la Star Wars, and I think they should not have copied the copiers (without Star Trek, no Star Wars). Since I am no Trekkie and don’t know enough about it all, I guess I better end the negatives.

What did I think was interesting about the movie? There were a few plot twists that I could mention but I don’t want to be a spoiler. I thought that the Romulans looked like a neo-Nazi biker gang. You could easily tell the good guys from the bad guys. I thought their tentacle-clad ship was creepy/scary. I couldn’t place Captain Pike until the credits (Bruce Greenwood). Something else I noted as I watched—I enjoyed the music. I hope they do a sequel.