Ecstasy of Santa Teresa by Bernini in Santa Maria della Vittoria
Four Rivers by Bernini in Piazza Navona, Rome, photo by Karen Field

It is Friday and I am taking a staycation next week. A “staycation” is the new word meaning you take vacation time off from work, but you don’t actually travel to a far away destination. I love taking staycations because sometimes vacations are a lot of work and not so relaxing. Also, after going on a vacation, many times I am ready to get back home to relax. Besides, I can’t wait to be able to watch Jeopardy! next week.

One of the first movies I am going to see this weekend is Angels and Demons. Like almost everyone else, I read The Da Vinci Code before reading this book, even though Dan Brown wrote this one first. I enjoyed this book more than I did Da Vinci and was lucky enough to go to Rome after I read it and see most of the important places talked about in the book: Piazza Navona, Chigi Chapel, Santa Maria della Vittoria, the Vatican, and many others. I do think the ending to the book was a little farfetched, so it will be interesting to see what Ron Howard does.

Besides this movie, my weekend and week will be filled with going to the Kimbell Museum in Ft. Worth for the Art and Love in Renaissance Italy exhibition, going to hear Kathleen Kent and Cristina Henríquez speak at another Arts and Letters Live – Fresh Ink event, going to the Meadows Museum for an Etruscan exhibition, and perhaps seeing Topol play Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof on his farewell tour as the commercials for this have been endless.

Maybe some live music can be thrown in the mix as well.