Dallas DNA

Last night I watched a new show on Investigation Discovery channel called Dallas DNA. It is very disturbing in that it showed how a young man was convicted on eyewitness accounts (even though he had an alibi) for a rape he didn’t commit and was in prison for 16 years. This young man was finally released after DNA testing and a confession from one of the real perpetrators that he and another man were actually the ones that committed the crime. If the real perpetrator had not gotten immunity and testified that the convicted fellow was not involved, then the young man would still be in prison, as even though he didn’t commit the rape, he might have been at the scene. The show also brought out the fact that he had a run-in with a police officer who threatened to “get him” before this all happened.
Thank goodness our District Attorney Craig Watkins and the The Innocence Project are working together to reevaluate some of the cases in Dallas County for some convicted of crimes they say they did not commit. When I heard the news this morning on the radio, yet a 20th wrongly convicted man is going to be freed today! Tonight, this man, Jerry Lee Evans, is scheduled to appear on Larry King Live.

Some video footage from Dallas DNA can be found here.