French Open Tennis

–Bud Collins from

Last night I watched a replay of Roger Federer versus José Acasuso at the French Open. It was a very close, competitive match and Federer won, 6-7, 7-5, 7-6, 6-2. I thought Federer was going to lose, but I was wrong. The Tennis Channel starts live coverage at 5 am, then later in the day highlights are replayed in 3.5 hour increments.

I am also enjoying The Tennis Channel’s feature stories such as the one shown after Federer’s win on Caroline Wozniacki, an 18-year-old Danish player. At the French Open, the clay courts make the games exciting—all the sliding and condition variations. Bud Collins has some cute segments (Bud’s Beat) being shown and John McEnroe’s commentary is the best. Paris in the springtime . . . wish I was there . . .

–Tuileries Garden and Louvre, Paris