Perfection is the name of the 2006 thriller by one of my favorite authors, Walter Satterthwait. I have previously discussed two of his historical fiction works, Masquerade and Cavalcade, featuring his Pinkerton detectives, Phil Beaumont and Jane Turner. Satterthwait has also written another mystery series (5 books) featuring Santa Fe detective, Joshua Croft. In Perfection, Satterthwait introduces readers to two more detectives, Sophia Tregaskis and Jim Fallon. Tregaskis and Fallon work in the small town of St. Anselm, Florida, and have some grisly murders to solve. A murderous psycho is on the loose and his targets are extremely obese women. The killer cuts, saws, and slices his victims until they become his ideal of “perfection.” Satterthwait’s character Fallon is a veteran New York City cop hoping for easy duty in sunny, southern Florida, but instead gets a sassy, smart, female partner and a deranged serial slicer. I always enjoy the humor and sarcasm that Satterthwait employs in his characters, but apparently, some were offended by this book’s premise of overweight women being the victims of someone who was trying to make them more perfect. Satterthwait addresses this issue on an Amazon blog posting dated the day after the book was released. I enjoyed Satterthwait’s introduction of these two new crime solvers, but I have to admit I enjoy his historical fiction to a greater extent.

Why did I choose this book on this day for my posting? Today, I will be starting a diet competition with some other bloggers and already know I won’t have a “perfect” score each week during the 4-week contest, but I will be saying bye-bye to treats such as the beautiful cupcake pictured on the cover of Perfection. I’ll be posting about the competition later today. Speaking of cupcakes on covers, a blogger has made a list of books (non-cookbooks) with cupcakes on the cover. Twenty-five books are on the list, but I think Satterthwait’s cover is the most enticing.