Contemporary & Literary Horizon

Certain articles from a fairly new international publication are available to read in the blogosphere. The Romanian and English publication is called Contemporary & Literary Horizon. This publication is edited by Daniel Dragomirescu. If you enjoy reading contemporary prose and poetry, please visit:

C&LH is a monthly print magazine.

The price per copy is 10 USD / 8 Euro with *shipping included*

For now the only option for making payments or donations is via Western Union to this postal address:


Editor-in-chief of “Contemporary & Literary Horizon” magazine

Str. Nicolae Balcescu, no 77, bl. 77, sc. B, et. 4, ap. 32

Tel. 0235 360819 / Mobil 072 8215308

Of. postal no 1

VASLUI, jud. Vaslui


For the convenience of international readership they are working on setting up a more direct way of transferring payments.

I personally enjoyed the article by Mr. Dragomirescu on Orhan Pamuk, the 2006 Nobel Prize-winning Turkish writer. I look forward to learning about an area of the world that I am not too familiar with via C&LH!

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