Creative Coworker: Photography by Tom Marusa

One of my coworkers, Tom Marusa, is a petroleum economist and crunches numbers all day long. However, he has a creative side and is a very, very talented photographer. Following are 10 of my favorite pictures of his (copyright for these photos belongs solely to Tom Marusa). Click on each image to enlarge.

Building Abstract

Cafe Firebox Bike
These are part of the Art-Deco architecture at Fair Park.

–Dallas at Twilight
This beautiful picture of Big D was taken from the Trinity River levee.

This gargoyle sits atop the Old Red Courthouse in Dallas.

I love repetitive patterns!

–Kayak Fisherman
Taken off the New Jersey coast.
–Saturday Reflections

–Stucco, Vigas and Shadows
Taken at the visitor’s center at White Sands National Monument.
The above pictures are just a small sampling of Tom Marusa‘s portfolio. He has won some awards for his winning photography! I enjoy finding that people I work with have a creative side to their personality.

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  1. February 10, 2010 at 6:41 PM

    tell tom he’s extremely talented and has a fan in washington. pam

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