I was looking through my files on my computer and I stumbled upon this poem that I discovered taking a literature class many years ago. Mr. Contoski is a retired University of Kansas professor of literature. I enjoyed the many figures of speech Mr. Contoski used when he wrote “Money.” Think about it:
“Money” by Victor Contoski
At first it will seem tame,
willing to be domesticated.
It will nest
in your pocket
or curl up in a corner
reciting softly to itself
the names of the presidents.

It will delight your friends,
shake hands with men
like a dog and lick
the legs of women.
But like an amoeba
it makes love
in secret
only to itself.

Fold it frequently;
it needs exercise.
Water it every three days
and it will repay you
with displays of affection.

Then one day when you think
you are its master
it will turn its head
as if for a kiss
and bite you gently
on the hand.
There will be no pain
but in thirty seconds
the poison will reach your heart.