Essex Boys and Ca$h

These two movies I recently watched via Netflix have a few things in common: Sean Bean, Sean Bean mean, and Sean Bean bloody. So, if you want to watch a feel good movie that happens to star Sean Bean, don’t choose one of these. 

Essex Boys, released in 2000, shows Sean Bean when he is still in his prime. He plays Jason Locke, just released from prison and intent on vengeance. His driver picks him up on release and the killing starts. Some great costars such as Tom Wilkinson, Alex Kingston, and the real star of the movie, Charlie Creed-Miles, make this movie one of my favorites this year. There’s a lot of double-crossing, walking-a-fine-line, barely-escaping scenes that keep viewers very unsettled. This screenplay was loosely based on a real triple killing in 1995 in the UK. 

–Alex Kingston and Sean Bean from Essex Boys

Ca$h, released in 2010, shows an aging Sean Bean, but still with that horrible meaness he can play so well. Just those nasty looks he can give make me gulp and go watch a Sharpe short on YouTube, just to remind me he can play a good guy very well, too. This movie is also about vengeance, as Sean Bean’s character, Pyke Kubic (bizarre name) helps his imprisoned twin brother, Reese, recover the money Reese stole and then lost after a robbery. Yes, Sean Bean plays two characters. The imprisoned one is quite different looking than the dapper-except-for-the-straggledy-hair Pyke. This Pkye character quickly tracks down the couple that “found” the money and are very well played by Chris Hemsworth and Victoria Profeta. The young couple spent a lot of the money paying off their house, redecorating, and buying expensive furnishings and an expensive SUV with the money they so innocently “found” and did not turn in. When Pyke appears in their lives, he demands repayment for every dime spent. They repay as much as they can and then Pyke forces them to rob banks and stores to make up the difference. He is quite the stickler.

Ca$h is an interesting character study on how this couple copes with committing these crimes and what changes in their personalities occur as they are forced to commit felony after felony. The crimes and the lack of discovery by the Chicago police made the movie somewhat unbelievable for me, but the psychological aspect is the interesting element in this movie. Parts of Ca$h were frightening, funny, and sad, and the movie as a whole was very thought-provoking. I was not sorry to see what happened to the Pyke character, even if he was the most awesome Sean Bean.

On an unrelated note about one of the actors: 

You probably know just what an amazing actor Tom Wilkinson is (In The Bedroom, Michael Clayton) but if you have not seen The Night of the White Pants, an indie filmed in Dallas and directed by Dallas native Amy Talkington, I highly recommend that one. Just a plug for the home team.

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  1. October 18, 2010 at 7:59 PM

    “…shows Sean Bean when he is still in his prime…” ???? I wasn’t aware he had gone over the hill???? Especially since he’s about to show the world who Ned Stark is on HBO’s Game of Thrones!!! He’s still smoking hot!!!!!!!

  2. October 18, 2010 at 8:10 PM

    I was wondering if I would get a response about that! And I agree he is still smokin’–but he has aged a bit like us all!

    It was a bit cruel. Sorry. You definitely are his best fan.

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