Vigelandsparken in Oslo, Norway

A couple of years ago I visited a unique park in Oslo, Norway. One man conceptualized all of the sculptures that decorate the park. That man was Gustav Vigeland. Vigelandsparken is located on 80 acres just off the city center of the capital of Norway. Also located just south of the grounds of the park is a museum dedicated to the works of Vigeland, and this building also served as his studio in his time.

Some of the photos are mine and some are from other sources.

The gates to the park are a beautiful art deco design.

–from the Vigeland Museum website

The monolith can be seen from afar.

One of the most photographed and famous statues in the park is of this little boy.

The museum and former studio of Gustav Vigeland is in this building:

–by Helge Høifødt
From the monolith: