More of the Nasher Sculpture Center

I went to the Nasher Sculpture Center again recently on a glorious Sunday afternoon with a friend from my hometown. We actually went to the Dallas Museum of Art to see The Mourners exhibit, since it was the last day to see the alabaster statues mourning John the Fearless. The museum was crowded and I didn’t really enjoy The Mourners like I thought I might. The Nasher is next door, so it was a great opportunity to enjoy the weather and Raymond Nasher’s vision of how modern art should be enjoyed. My previous posts on the sculpture center and Mr. Nasher’s art are Dallas Arts District and Nasher Sculpture Center and Art at NorthPark.
 –Inside of Tending (Blue) by James Turrell

 –Hopefully this can be closed during inclement weather.

 –Cloud formations from inside Tending (Blue)

 –Another of Mr. Nasher’s Hammering Men (and his shadow).

 –View towards the Cathedral

 —Bronze Crowd by Polish artist Magdalena Abakanowicz

–The Nasher-it’s the place to be.