Happy 100th Birthday, Ebby Halliday!

Ebby Halliday is a well-known Dallasite, due to her many, many years in the real estate business. On March 9, 2011, Ms. Halliday will be 100 years old! I do not know Ms. Halliday personally, but I have seen her at some cultural events and she has always seemed as personable and friendly as I had always read. I think she has an inspiring story of living through the Depression and creating one of the largest realty companies in the United States. Her generosity has benefitted many people through the years . . .
–Ebby Halliday in 1956

A few years ago, a biography of Ms. Halliday was written and the website for this book can be found at www.ebbysbook.com. Ms. Halliday won the Horatio Alger Award in 2005 and was honored also by having a yellow rose being named for her that same year, making her a true “yellow rose of Texas.”
Below is a video on Ms. Halliday and the Horatio Alger Award:
An interesting article on Ms. Halliday for the SMU Daily Campus newspaper can be accessed HERE.
A billboard has been put up on one of the major freeways to honor Ms. Halliday:
A Happy Birthday and a huge Thank You to Ms. Halliday for all she does and has done for the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex!
All pictures are from www.ebbysbook.com