Short Story Reading in 2012

I’ve decided to read a short story a day in 2012. I am sure there are formal challenges out there in the blogosphere, but for some reason I grossly fail at any challenge I enter. I am keeping track of the stories in my new tab above called “2012 Short Stories.”

For today, I just finished reading “Hearts and Crosses” by O. Henry. If you didn’t know, O. Henry was the pen name of William Sydney Porter and he lived in Austin, Texas, for many years. Porter worked at various occupations and gathered experiences and stories in Texas that he later used in his writing.

In this particular O. Henry story, two cowboys were having a conversation as they were herding cattle on the range. My favorite lines from “Hearts and Crosses” is the following:

You may fill in a mile, a meal, and a murder between your paragraphs without detriment to your thesis. So, without apology, Webb offered an addendum to the conversation that had begun ten miles away.

–O. Henry from

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  1. January 22, 2012 at 1:24 AM

    O Henry wrote a lot of good stories… so did F Scott Fitzgerald, Jack London and Mr. Hemingway. I hope you will read a few of mine this year. I really value and appreciate the short story form.

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