A Tuesday to Remember

Wow. I woke up very, very early this morning and immediately turned on espn2 to watch what was happening in Australia at the Open. Great way to start the day. Nadal was playing Berdych. I like Nadal a lot, but was rooting for underdog Czech Tomas Berdych. He didn’t come through. I really tuned in to see the outcome of Federer versus Del Potro. I was afraid for RF, but was happy to see he beat Juan Martin as easily as he had young Aussie phenom Tomic in his previous match. Gotta love Fed.
–(January 11, 2011 – Photo by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images AsiaPac)

Then I went to work. I was busy the whole morning on several different projects that seem to never end.

At lunch, I decided to go to the mall to walk around and get out of the building. When I was walking, I decided to pop in to the Martin Lawrence Galleries that is located in Galleria Dallas. I have been meaning to go in there and check out the art I have been noticing as I walk by. Also, I was looking up an artist for a blog posting and noticed that some of this artist’s work was represented at MLG. The gallery was in a bit of a disarray because they were hanging some new arrivals. Lo and behold, the artist’s work that I asked about was stacked at the desk and so I got to look at the works piece by piece at my leisure. Cool. I am buying a signed print soon and will post about the artist soon. I finished walking and went back to work.
On my way back to work, I received a call from a travel coordinator that I have been playing phone tag with for the past few days and got some info on a trip I am planning to a quite exotic and fascinating place. I am simply stoked to go to this place and I think it is going to happen sooner rather than later. I am happiest when a trip is being planned. I’m not saying when or where yet, because you just never know what might happen before then. I have been burned before a time or two and had learned not to say too much too soon. And thankfully learned that lesson and tragedy had been avoided just weeks ago. But now there is total excitement. A great lunch hour.
Another few hours of long distance correspondence with one of the engineers I work for (who is in Stavanger, Norway on business) and the day was nearing an end. Well, not quite. When you work for someone who is traveling overseas and is staying up at least until midnight to get work done, then you really don’t want to fret about leaving the office right at 5. So, even though I had plans for later, I stayed and finished up some problems dealing with unexpected late situations. Even though it was pouring rain, I actually made it to the book signing I was going to fairly quickly. This signing was at the indie bookstore I love called A Real Bookstore. I met Pam from pixelimpress at the store for the signing because one of the two authors this evening is her client. More on these authors in another posting. Waiting for Pam, I chatted with the owner of the store, Teri Tanner, who was the driving force behind the recent Stephen King appearance that I posted about not too long ago. Did I tell you that I happened to luck into getting one of the 250 out of 1,000 books at the Stephen King talk that is signed? Oh yeah. 1st edition signed copy of 11/22/63. That was very much a night to remember. Before tonight’s talk, I also met several of the other people who ventured out in the pouring rain to see these authors. I came away with two new books and an enjoyable evening of a talking with other like-minded people who love books and blogging and authors, etc.
And guess what? I am ending this day of work and satisfaction by watching the Australian Open. The day has come full circle. Especially with many things that truly make me happy: tennis, art, accomplishment, travel, books, friendship, and tennis again. One terrific Tuesday.

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  1. January 25, 2012 at 1:30 PM

    What a great post, Denise, and what a great day! I was just thinnking a couple days ago how lucky we are in some ways to live now and have such easy access to books, art, movies, theater – it make make our days so fulfilling. Glad to hear you’re enjoying everything!


    • January 25, 2012 at 4:28 PM

      Thanks, Allie! Yes, we are very lucky, I would say. And I am really enjoying your pictures from Chile.

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