Hemingway Conference Pictures, Part I

I returned last Sunday from the Hemingway Society’s biannual conference that was held in Petoskey/Bay View, Michigan. Ernest Hemingway spent his summers in northern Michigan until he married his first wife, Hadley, and then never returned. However, his youth and experiences he never forgot are reflected in his writings, namely the Nick Adams stories . . .

A few disclaimers and/or info:

–I am not a professional photographer
–I used my iPhone
–there are more scenery pics than people pics (sorry)
–EMH stands for Ernest Miller Hemingway
–part one of at least 3 parts (maybe more) to be posted in the next couple of days
–click to enlarge

My hotel:
–Stafford’s Bay View Inn

–view of Lake Michigan from my room at the Bay View Inn

–georgeous sunset my first night in Michigan from just outside the hotel

Petoskey, MI: the marina/harbor and downtown:

–the Perry Hotel (where EMH stayed), the scene of the opening reception, which was really lovely

–Mr. Petoskey’s statue (Ignatius Petoskey, the founder)

–the pretty marina

 –a nice and clean harborfront

 –boats in the Petoskey Marina

 –everywhere I go there is always a lone boat docked (what does it mean?)

 –big boulders protecting the harbor

 –the clear water of Lake Michigan

 –the lighthouse

 –view to across the bay

 –art downtown

 –the Carnegie Library that EMH visited

Display at the Carnegie Library by the Michigan Hemingway Society (MHS):

 –fabulous black and white photos

 –happening restaurant/bar downtown

 –downtown arts center in an old church

The above are all my pictures, but the now defunct Petoskey Daily Photo can be found HERE and has some nice pictures of Petoskey . . . 

  3 comments for “Hemingway Conference Pictures, Part I

  1. July 1, 2012 at 7:32 PM

    Beautiful photos – I wish I could have gone!
    I never knew how beautiful the Great Lakes are!
    Looks just like the New England coast.

  2. pam
    July 10, 2012 at 8:49 PM

    how fun that you saw all that! love grace cottage.

    • July 11, 2012 at 1:38 AM

      Grace Cottage was a nice surprise as I remember someone saying it was nothing but a really dilapidated shack. Well, it was quite lovely, I thought. And the exterior looked particularly nice, like it was fairly recently painted. The interior was better than I expected as well. Grace Cottage was a sore spot for EMH, I think, because instead of paying for his college, Grace built her escape from their summer place, so she could be by herself. Thanks, Pam!

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