John and Katrina — (Continued)

Awhile back I posted two videos made by two very creative people. You can view this previous post by clicking HERE

It’s now time to update what John Buffalo Mailer and Katrina Eugenia have been doing recently.

First, Katrina has been involved in shooting photos with Julie Mollo. She has also been modeling for the photographer Bill Wadman, as well as for Me in My Place. Katrina also paints, too. You can find her Facebook page HERE. Girl, you got it going on!

–Katrina Eugenia photographed by Bill Wadman. See Bill Wadman’s Katrina photos HERE.

–I love this painting by Katrina Eugenia
(because most elephants in the room are not so happy)

John Buffalo has also been busy. John has been an activist to stop publications such as the Village Voice (of which his father was a founder) from selling ads soliciting underage girls for prostitution.

–John Buffalo Mailer speaking at a rally

John has also been writing. His story “Bleed” was recently featured in Provincetown Arts Magazine. 

–short story by John Buffalo Mailer

You can obtain a copy of this issue by checking your local library or university library to see if they subscribe, or you can send US$15.50 to:

Provincetown Arts
650 Commercial Street
Provincetown, MA 02657

You can also email Christopher Busa at to subscribe. Other subscriptions are available as well. See the subscription page at Provincetown Arts magazine HERE.
John has recently written an essay for the Huffington Post. This essay is about the recent tragedy in Colorado and how it relates to the Columbine tragedy years ago and how we need to figure out what is happening in our society while we still can. You can read the essay HERE.It is not necessary that you should read A Ticket to the Circus by Norris Church Mailer before viewing this video that John Buffalo posted on the Norman Mailer Society website. But I think it will provide better understanding to the life of Ms. Mailer. I was mesmerized by this video, a wonderful tribute to Norris by her family and friends.