Works by Venezuelan Artist Rafael Araujo

One of my coworkers recently told me about an artist from her native Venezuela. His name is Rafael Araujo and he has 3 basic themes that he paints: landscape, calculation, and abstract. Check out his site. My coworker has one of his beach scenes hanging in her office and to look at it is a nice respite from work . . . The landscapes are real landmarks located in Venezuela. Enjoy!
From his landscape series:
Tepuy with river, Rafael Araujo, acrylic/canvas, 20.32 in. x 38.1 in.
Los Roques, Rafael Araujo, acrylic/canvas, 80 cm. x 160 cm.
From his calculation series:
Couble Conic Sprial, Rafael Araujo, 2004, Ink and acrylic/canvas, 7.1 in. x 39.3 in.
From his abstract series:
Untitled, Rafael Araujo, acrylic/canvas, 110 cm. x 160 cm.