August Olla

Video from Bob Schneider on Austin City Limits:
–cannot wait to see him in concert soon

A couple of shows new to BBC America that I just watched and enjoyed:

Luther, starring Idris Elba


There’s something about British detective shows that I really enjoy. They have an edge to them. Speaking of Tom Weston-Jones, I just watched the last 6 episodes of spooks/MI-5. Weston-Jones was featured prominently as Sasha Gavrik. Well, MI-5 will go down as one of my all time favorites. I thought they ended the show nicely. Of course, someone I liked had to die, as in ALL of the previous seasons. As long as it wasn’t Harry Pearce. If you haven’t seen this series, I highly recommend you taking the time. Many episodes are predictable and formulaic, but I enjoyed all the spy stuff. Of course, I screamed when they showed a certain character in the final episode. Excellent! I especially enjoyed how they portrayed spy work getting in the way of the spooks real lives. Such good stories. Farewell to spooks
Speaking of TV, can I just mention my excitement at seeing Kenneth Branagh as Wallander again? The third series of Wallander debuts on Masterpiece Mystery! in the U.S. on September 9th. Here is the promo (Wallander looks a little more energetic):
“The Last Book Sale” was held recently in Archer City, Texas. This was the sale of Larry McMurtry’s extensive book collection. To read about the sale, click HERE for author/blogger Mark Finn’s account. My brief account of my one and only visit to Booked Up is HERE.


Have a Happy Friday!