Art Workshop = Fun

I have not been blogging or reading too much lately because I have been busy painting. Yes, I joined an art workshop that meets for 3 hours every week in the Dallas Design District. I feel so hip now! Following are some of my and my fellow painters’ works. Just so you know, I have not picked up a brush since I was a kid, and that doesn’t count. I am having incredible fun! Some of the pics have a glare and/or are blurry–that may be a good thing . . .
 –Some of my own paintings. The top two are copies of pictures. The top left is my first painting ever. It’s a daffodil, can’t you tell? The next one to the right is a robin. The bottom two are M Denise C originals. And, of course, the triangles are a work in progress . . .

–Sonya likes abstracts, as do most of the people in the class. She used some texturing paste and the light brown part in the second painting will be red when it is finished.
 –I love Jonathan’s “Death to Valentine’s Day”!

–Todd is very talented and has worked in the design business for years. I really like his style.


–Patricia mixes some really beautiful colors.

–Another one of Patricia’s. She was learning to “throw” the paint.  

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  1. November 4, 2012 at 3:19 PM

    Hey, very cool. Nothing more therapeutic than laying colors on a surface. Fun to see you take up the brush.

    On another topic, I began reading For Whom the Bell Tolls again. So vivid… Hemingway so takes you “there”…. Be well.


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