Lucian Freud Portraits – American Art–Góngora/Picasso: Recent Museum Visits

From Lucian Freud Portraits at The Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth:

–I was lucky to see this exhibit on the second to the last day as The Modern was the only North American stop for Lucian Freud Portraits. I think you either really appreciate Freud’s portraits or absolutely abhor them, and to me, Lucian Freud was an amazing artist and portraitist. I want to read Man with a Blue Scarf by Martin Gayford, whose portrait is in the collage above. 

–I could immediately recognize the upper left picture is as Hopper and the bottom right as Rothko (this was a relatively small picture). The other two are by Arthur Dove and John Sloan. From my many visits to the Phillips Collection, I remember that the D.C. Dupont Circle museum has an extensive collection of Dove’s works. 

 From Góngora/Picasso: Graphic Prints at the Meadows Museum:

Góngora was a Spanish Renaissance poet. Picasso transcribed some sonnets and embellished many of them with drawings in the late 40s. The poems are beautiful. Notice Picasso’s cross out on the above. Some translations can be found HERE.