Le Tour Eiffel et Le Marché aux Puces

–Approaching . . . 

 –The carrousel is always fun. Look at that tiger!

–Looking towards the Trocadero. Many statues in Paris had
clown noses on while I was there.

 –One can never have too many pictures of le Tour Eiffel (and of bulls).

 –Good bye, Tour. 

Hello, le Marché aux Puces de la Portes de Vanves! This antique flea market is held in the southern part of the city that we arrived at after a long metro ride. We visited this market after going to the most popular one in the north. The Portes des Vanves market was definitely the better one . . .

 –An old Monopoly-type game, perhaps . . . 

 –a leather canteen

 –Some of the wares spread out on tables

 –How about a Virgin Mary candle holder?

 –Small sewing machine or pith helmut?

 –I bought something on this table. 

–No, not at the Marché aux Puces, but this was after another long day of walking the city of Paris. Isn’t the demi-bouteille cute?

An article from the New York Times about one of the 
other Paris markets can be read HERE.