Chinese Lantern Festival at Fair Park

A visit to Fair Park is always interesting, even if the State Fair is not in session. This night, the reason for going was the Chinese Lantern Festival. Months were taken to set everything up, opened with the Fair, and then the exhibit was so popular it was held over through the Holidays. Enjoy!

–About the Longhorns before it was very dark


–A stampede!!

–This cow rump shows how the Chinese formed the figures with wire and fabric. In the background are the forms in the lagoon.

–Git along little doggies . . .

–The Cotton Bowl sign was lit up as a nice background.

 –The lotus plants in the lagoon opened and closed as above and below.
(Photo courtesy of Ann Sansone)

–Now the lotus is opening. (Photo courtesy of Ann Sansone)


–The ants were for the kids, along with some panda bears. The Statue of Liberty was in the lagoon, too. Nice representation. (Photo courtesy of Ann Sansone)

–The dragon’s head–the whole dragon was made of porcelain dishes
you would see at a Chinese restaurant.

–Tail of the dragon

–Other part of the tail . . . 

–The dragon was extraordinarily long. (Photo courtesy of Ann Sansone)

–These forms were made of tiny medicine bottles.

–Another medicine bottle dragon.

–Medicine bottles lit up.

–Peach blossoms

–Lovely colors

–Walkway of red lanterns behind the old Science Place


–Closer . . .

–Magpies (Photo courtesy of Ann Sansone)

–Temple of Peace (too much white for my phone camera).

–The blues were beautiful, as the whole exhibit was better than expected.

 –Closer to this beautiful structure (Photo courtesy of Ann Sansone)

–The colorful walkway at the end of the exhibit (Photo courtesy of Ann Sansone)

–Finally, I am throwing in an Italian honored as a hero of the Battle of San Jacinto. Meet Prospero.

  2 comments for “Chinese Lantern Festival at Fair Park

  1. JJ
    January 10, 2013 at 7:08 PM

    What a terrific festival! I wish I could have attended. I love those events, and for me at least, they tend to be quite educational. Great post!

  2. January 10, 2013 at 7:23 PM

    JJ, Thanks! I did not go to the State Fair this year and a friend invited me to the last night of the festival, so I went with not so high expectations. I was in awe of it all by the time that we left!! Yes, it was very educational and also there were some artisans from China selling their wares. Spectacular event that I would have missed had it not been for my friend!

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