Once again . . .

–a Hemingway is writing for Collier’s Magazine.
Check it out if you want to know more about Spain and what it happening in that country. I liked the progressive priest.
–I am reading a novel, Elusive Dawn, by Gabriele Wills. This time, our heroine, Victoria, and her friends and family are in Europe during World War I. I am really hooked in to Ria and her escapades.
Check out the blog tour HERE. I will be doing the last post of the tour.
–there is a new novel out by J. Suzanne Frank. I took a class from Ms. Frank about a year and a half ago, which I enjoyed immensely. Ms. Frank is the director of The Writer’s Path at Southern Methodist University (SMU). Laws of Migration is her ninth novel.
I also met a red-headed writer who has completed The Writer’s Path at SMU and is going to New York in the fall to meet with editors!! You can follow The Scarlet Revolution on Facebook and you can also read Pamela Stiehler’s blog.