Everyone Has a Story

Last Tuesday, a friend and I were on a “just got through seeing Wynton Marsalis and his band” high so we headed for a post-concert drink at the local east side bar. This bar, goodfriend, has been a boon to the sector of Dallas we grew up in and is so comfortable and enjoyable on any visit. Since it was Tuesday, the place was not crowded. The attentive bartender served our drinks and the guy next to us got off the phone. After chatting about his job, our jobs, and the Amish, he told us the story of his tattoo. The tattoo is a tribute to his sister, Wendy, a budding actress living in New York a while back who died of a brain tumor at 28 years old. He told us that when she was a teenager they thought she had epilepsy, but her symptoms might have been related to the tumor. The man had his whole arm tattooed as a tribute to Wendy. A quick phone photo does not do justice to the beauty and artistry of the tattoo. Wendy’s friend who went to New York with her to hit it big so long ago is Michael Urie of Ugly Betty fame. Everyone has a story and we enjoyed meeting and talking to such a nice guy. 

“A goodfriend is 
hard to find.”