Writers Connecting

Below is a link from the author Amanda Vaill on writers marketing/publicizing their own work. Interesting that many do not use social media or blogging to promote their writings, believing this practice to be “disgusting.” Some do. Some get too connected to their readers. Some readers get too annoying and bothersome to writers. Guilty!!

Following is the blog post by Terry Teachout that Ms. Vaill is referencing.

I go to a lot of author talks and book signings. The most fun is when you are waiting in line and can listen in on some of the conversations. I should write a book on what I have heard, including some of the questions people ask. Hilarious at times. I love to see how authors react–most are very poised. Sometimes, I have witnessed authors being snarky for no good reason. The majority are sincerely happy to answer questions and visit.

As in most aspects of life, there has to be a balance. I think that writers should be accessible to their readers to whatever degree they prefer, but the more accessible, the more publicity and books sold.