Snapshots from Key West

I will start with this pretty and very tropical flower. This was my first visit to Key West. I enjoyed walking around the Old Town. Once I got to Key West, I parked my rental car and only drove it one other time until I left and that was to go to the beach. Next time will be bicycle rental time. I was 20 minutes from Duval and Truman. So about 40 or 50 minutes from Mallory Square. Some days I walked to the harbor area twice. Lots of walking! CLICK TO ENLARGE ALL PICS


 –Driving from Ft. Myers, the lonesome highway

–A pleasant stop on the way, for sure. I feel like I had been there before.



–a seafood salad with avocado and hearts of palm. And the malbec was great!


 –Unfortunately, Blue Heaven restaurant was closed for its yearly remodeling. A very historical place, though, for Ernest Hemingway (EMH) people because he boxed in this building before it was a restaurant.
Thanks, Erika, for the suggestion!
 –At El Siboney, authenic Cuban cuisine. Around the block from the guest
house where I was staying.

 –Grilled pork chops, fried platanos, saffron rice, onions, and black beans.
I didn’t get the buttery Cuban bread in the pic.
Café Cubano to end the meal

–Paella at The Conch Republic

OK, next is the Hemingway Housewhere there are millions of pics out on the net. I tried to capture a few interesting details, however.
–The light fixtures were fascinating.

 –EMH and Pauline Pfeiffer’s upstairs bedroom. Lovely. It was cool and breezy and shady.

 –This little black kitty was obsessed with my necklace. He was such a sweetheart.
–No disrespect to you or your medals, EMH.
 –Look, a cigar box just like the one my friend Jo got me for a dollar
at a local cigar shop in Dallas! 😉

 –I love the bathroom tile. So different.

 –It was very cool and green around the house.

 –Hi, Kitty!

–Looks like the Lighthouse!

 –Ceramic pulls and old-fashioned screens.

–I didn’t hit my head on this one like I did in MI at Grace’s cottage
(EMH’s mother’s retreat).

 –The pool was much larger and nicer than I ever expected. 

 –The bookstore was air-conditioned. 

 –Another view of my little friend and the pool.

 –a classic shot

 –lobster claw heliconia plant, also know as false bird of paradise


This was probably the very best museum I went to and they had an awesome EMH exhibit as a bonus. Full of art and history. Well worth the small entrance fee. 

–hurricane history

–my new favorite EMH pic
–uniform worn by EMH in Italy. I was really surprised to see this. 


–My camera and I did not always get along. The lighthouse on a beautiful day.
Yes, I went to the top of the lighthouse. Nice view. Too bad I couldn’t figure out iOS7 at the time! From a boat you can now hardly see the lighthouse.


 –The beach at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park.
Better bring your swim shoes. It’s rocky.

–Cruise ship in the distance.

–A really nice state park. Recommend!  
 –door art

–The Basilica of Saint Mary Star of the Sea spires
–Our Lady of Lourdes grotto at the church
–On the Graveyards and Ghosts trolley tour. Lots of history and fun. 
 –Typical Key West house
–Cute pink shotgun house


 –The bookmarks were of the tile in the Hemingway House. I loved the painting that was on many souvenirs. The middle pic is of EMH, Arnold Samuelson, and Pauline. I just finished reading the book by Samuelson on his year in Key West working for EMH. The bookstore lady asked where I got a copy because it is out of print and I told her about interlibrary loans. I hope she gets to read it soon.

 –Buying this basket on Mallory Square was well worth the conversation
with the basket weaver.

–I bought my straw hat for the beach in the Bahama Village. I was really glad. It helped keep my face shielded on a boat trip and on the beach! 
Thank you to Robin, too, for all your wonderful suggestions. I didn’t get to do it all,
so I guess I have to go back sometime!

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  1. Anonymous
    October 12, 2013 at 10:48 PM

    Denise, its so good to read about your trip. Your photos of the ocean and the sky are incredible! Sounds like you did a lot during your stay. Sure wish I could have joined you —

    All the best, Allie

    • October 12, 2013 at 10:58 PM

      Thanks, my friend. I wish you could have been there! I packed a lot in the three days. But left plenty to see and do if I ever make a return visit! xoxo, mdc

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