SINNERMAN by Jonathan M. Cook

SINNERMAN by Jonathan M. Cook

February 14, 2013
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Kindle format, 186 pages

From the Amazon editorial review:

“Love makes sinners of us all.”

In the sleepy Midwestern town of Vespers…

In the sweltering summer heat…

Julian Sane, high school teacher and cad’s cad, is a man at war with himself. But a chance encounter with a former student will push him across professional boundaries and force him to confront his personal demons.

From the author of YOUTH AND OTHER FICTIONS comes a love story for those who live in the real world, where love does not conquer all and actions do have consequences.

SINNERMAN is a book I chose via Premier Virtual Author Book Tours, a book blog tour venue for authors to get their work exposed. In exchange for a free book, a blogger agrees to review the book of choice. I usually enjoy historical fiction or literary fiction or even non-fiction that appeals to me after being sent some choices and short descriptions. I noticed that this book was by a young man and was about a high school teacher. I figured I needed to step outside of my usual boundaries and choose something atypical. 

I have to say I had a rough time with this book, especially the beginning chapters. Mr. Cook’s book follows teacher Julian Sane as he completes another year of teaching high school English and thinks he has a good shot for tenure at the school. We get to know Julian as the school year comes to a close and another graduation is endured. I guess I did not particularly like the Julian character, as Mr. Cook intended. But I could never connect or feel for the character very much and after a while I didn’t care anymore. 

This is Mr. Cook’s second Kindle book published. He has flashes of some very good writing, but I got tired of reading about the uninteresting details of a male high school teacher’s lusting and hangovers and really got tired of Julian’s sarcasm and pointless griping and belittling. Julian changes as the book continues, which gives the book some redemption. Anyhow, I applaud Mr. Cook for actually writing and formulating a story and getting it published, but I personally struggled through. I think he has great potential for future books.
–author Jonathan M. Cook
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