The Patient and Caregiver’s Guide to Cancer by W. Rhett Butler


Guitarist Rhett Butler has just published his first book. The book, entitled The Patient and Caregiver’s Guide to Cancer: What You Absolutely Have to Know Before You Begin Treatment, is concise and filled with important and relevant advice on what action to take when you or someone you care for has just been diagnosed with cancer. Even if you are not in these situations currently, you have probably been affected by cancer in some way or probably will be in the future. By reading this short but informative guide, I have a few ideas on what I would do immediately if I or someone I am close to is diagnosed with the dreaded disease.
Having been through the experience of losing a close family member to cancer, I now would advise a different course of action on where to turn for the best care and have much more information than those years ago when I desperately needed this guide. I think Butler has done a great service to people in those situations and think everyone would benefit from this short book by being prepared in case of such a diagnosis.
The book answers questions the newly diagnosed patients and caregivers will have such as: Why does cancer occur? How do I find the best people to be on my team against the disease? What questions should I ask my doctors? What is the caregiver’s role and how can they be the best caregiver? What are clinical trials all about and should I be in one?

–Rhett Butler


Importantly, the book is interspersed with Butler’s own experience as a caregiver dealing with his little brother’s almost lifetime experience with the disease. Butler takes the reader from beginning to end from Ashley Butler’s diagnosis at a young age through his battle against the disease that ended a couple of years ago. The book is written in a down-to-earth and easy to comprehend style that is not overly technical or cumbersome. I highly recommend reading this inexpensive, yet powerful guide presented by someone who has gone through the experience.

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