Quick Review: Philomena

Philomena, the film starring Dame Judi Dench, is well worth the ticket price. Based on a book by Martin Sixsmith, the movie was superbly acted and had a few plot twists that I won’t give away. I knew the basic story going in, but I was treated to much more. Included are stories of an unwed Irish mother in the middle of the last century, a Magdalene laundry, a stern and judgmental church, adoption of overseas children by wealthy Americans, and persistence, acceptance, and forgiveness. Steve Coogan was marvelous as Sixsmith. After reading about him, this actor has much in common with his character. Coogan cowrote the adaptation of the book. Judi Dench knows how to choose her roles. She was outstanding as usual. What an amazingly beautiful beautiful woman and soul whose work I so very much appreciate. I was on the front row of a full-capacity theatre and I could hear many of the laughs, sighs, and sobs all around me. I was not in a crying mood due to my neck and posture being compromised, but you might want to bring a tissue or two. 
–the film characters on top and the real Martin Sixsmith and Philomena Lee on the bottom