At the “Nature Preserve”

Today was a beautiful day. A holiday Friday was a great time to go to Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve near my house. They really should just go ahead and take off the “nature preserve” part, however. Plano Parks and Recreation has now made a road through some beautiful meadows. And they scalped the meadows with their mowers. Just call it a park. They put in the road for cars for a huge concert they are going to have in a couple of weeks. On the other side of the woods is a nice stage for concerts, but I guess it was not big enough for the amount of money they can make if more people can attend. 
 –Yes, these colossal electrical poles run through the “preserve.”

 –this sign is now meaningless as these trails are ruined

–the road now in what was a beautiful meadow, all for the “Suburbia” concert

And now for some nature:

 –dirt dauber home? crawdad hole? What is it?

 –slug bug crossing the sidewalk

–a still pastoral scene

–the wind blowing through a cottonwood tree (listen if you can)

 –teen turtles frolicking