ReverbNation is one of the earliest sites I signed onto a few years ago to follow bands, especially local bands. The site/company was begun in 2006 and its goal is to promote independent bands via the internet, forming fan relationships, distributing music, tracking popularity, and promoting musicians. Two men started ReverbNation: Mike Doernberg and Lou Plaia. Plaia was with Lava Records previously, which is an imprint of Atlantic Records. Doernberg owned a software company prior to his time with ReverbNation.
ReverbNation has upgraded its websites several times through the years. I don’t find myself going directly to ReverbNation as much as I did a few years ago, probably due to Facebook and its “Pages” that promote groups. Also, after a few revamps of the “dashboard,” I didn’t find ReverbNation as user-friendly as I first found it to be.  I will say that that ReverbNation is one of the better sites to listen to local bands and get a sampling of their music. It’s also a great site to explore all genres of music. Sometimes I just go and start poking around and have found some good artists or listened to some I was curious about.
The “Rabbit Hole” is one of the features I enjoy on ReverbNation. If you click on “Rabbit Hole” you will be directed to some of the bands that the bands you follow enjoy. You can “Go Deeper” into the “Rabbit Hole” if you so choose and you might find other bands and music that you enjoy. Also, you can “Become A Fan” of as many bands, independent and mainstream, that you want to on this site. I am starting from scratch again on my ReverbNation account and choosing totally new groups and music except for the main three I began my account by following.
In my zip code currently, local Dallas guitarist Rhett Butler is ranked number 2 on the Jazz charts. Nationwide, Randy Corinthian is ranked number 1. ReverbNation is fun to browse—check it out.