Reflecting on the A to Z Challenge

Good Morning,

Today is Reflection Day for the participants of the A to Z Challenge. I am happy to say for once that I completed a challenge from beginning to end. I did not miss a single day. Granted, I was late posting (as in I usually posted in the afternoon). And a couple of days I was very late. But I never missed a day–a huge deal for me. I can usually rationalize skipping or not completing a blogging challenge. I blog for fun and do not like to be pressured. But I decided I needed something to make me post. Personally, I can’t believe I actually followed through on the challenge. At work, one of my coworkers retired and we’ve been shorthanded at a really busy time. Just when the challenge ended has the workload started to decrease for a while. 

Having a blog lets me look back and see what I was interested in at the time. Right now I can look back 6 years (7 in July)! I’ve had fun looking at the old posts and I get nostalgic for some of the old bloggers I kept in touch with and followed that quit blogging. In a few years I will be looking back at my first A to Z Challenge posts and laughing and remembering.
One of my new blogging friends was in the challenge and publicized it in a post. So I faithfully came up with a posts beginning with a successive letters of the alphabet. Fortunately, Sundays were excluded, giving the participants a needed break.
I really enjoyed thinking of a new topic each day. I would peruse Wikipedia and the internet and dictionaries looking for a subject that I felt I could write approximately 300 words. I had a list of ideas that I began tallying about a week before the challenge. I changed topics many times for certain letters.
Next year, I have already decided to have a theme for the entire month. Coming up with a theme won’t be that tough–I already have a couple in mind. Yes, they will be literary topics, probably revolving around a writer or maybe even a particular piece of work. Having a month-long theme might limit my audience. No matter, it will be challenging.
I have such respect for those that write. Especially columns or blogs that are creative and timely. How  many bloggers, journalists, and writers can continue to be so creative on a regular basis is extraordinary.
Oh, here are my top 5 most popular posts in the challenge:

1. Cité
3. London
4. D Day
5. A is for . . .

The least popular post in the challenge was Zimbalist Efrem, Jr. I’m sad about that as he died a few days later.
A special thank you to Silvia at Silvia Writes for her comments, support, and inspiration!

Reading other bloggers posts and enjoying their creativity and learning from them was the best part of the challenge. I enjoyed how you could look up the themes, as well. Great job to the hosts and creators of this blogging challenge. 

Have a great week! MDC