Miscellaneous Snapshots from The Duke of Wellington Tour

When I was traveling recently on The Duke of Wellington Tour, I took about 1,600 pictures. What to do with all of those pictures? Many of my favorites I have used in earlier posts. I was going to guest post on Number One London, and had decided to share some of my favorite art and flower pictures from the tour. However, due to technical difficulties, I am posting my guest post on my blog. Enjoy!

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I was on my own in London for a couple of days and did lots of walking and sightseeing, and I snapped many flowers and much art on the tour:

from a park

 –from a park behind the London Eye

from a park 2

 –this park was small but beautiful

green building

 –a green building for sure

tree in green park

 –tree in Green Park

rose from hyde park

 –rose from the Hyde Park rose garden

purples from hyde park

 –beautiful purples from Hyde Park


 –whimsical art near Hyde Park

wall I passed

–wall I passed by (later I found that the grounds of Buckingham Palace are behind this wall)


 –sculpture in a small park near Victoria Station


–horses atop the Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner


–on the acres and acres of land behind Buckingham Palace

After leaving London, the tour headed to Kent and the towns of Deal and Dover. Near Deal is Walmer Castle, where the Duke of Wellington resided as a perk of his being appointed Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports in 1829. The Duke died at Walmer Castle.


 –a corner wall and chair with flowers at Walmer Castle

outside steps

 –some outside steps with wildflowers growing in the crevices


 —Deal was the cutest town on the channel!

from pier

 –from the pier in Deal

dover castle

 –We visited Dover Castle because it was nearby, even though it was not especially related to the Duke of Wellington.


–the white cliffs of Dover and the castle from the harbor

Next we headed to Brighton to see the restoration of a Regency apartment and to visit Brighton Pavilion:

in the gardens near brit

 –in the gardens near Brighton Pavilion


 –different hibiscus


 –greenery near the Pavilion

a view of pavili

–a view of the Pavilion

flowers brunswick

–flowers near the Brunswick apartments (we toured a restoration in progress of one of the apartments)

The tour headed to Reading after leaving Brighton, where we visited Stratfield Saye, the Duke of Wellington’s country estate. Members of the Duke’s family still live at Stratfield Saye:

ata small church

 –at a small church on the grounds was an old graveyard

horse stat

 –statue in front of the beautiful house

horse friend

 –one of the friends I made on the trip


 –jasmine tree/bush on the Stratfield Saye grounds

walled garden at ss

 –there was a walled garden at Stratfield Saye

climbing roses–climbing roses in the walled garden

We had also visited Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey) and later we visited Windsor and Windsor Castle. I am saving some pics from those adventures for more of my own posts. However, I am exiting this post with several pics of the red poppy exhibition that commemorates World War I at the Tower of London:

poppies 1

poppies 2

poppies 3

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  1. October 9, 2014 at 5:52 PM

    A green building for sure above. And so much red and green in general. Lovely shots — London is a most unique city filled with art and beauty.

    • October 9, 2014 at 7:27 PM

      Thanks, Silvia. I was lucky to have such good weather in London! And in the south. They had a lot of rain in the weeks before I was there. Truly a beautiful country.

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