Liebe (Love) by Eberhard Havekost

From my April 5, 2014 “E” posting during the A to Z Challenge:

“If you only knew how long I have been waiting to post something about Eberhard Havekost. Years. And finally the day has come. It is a name I never forget. Mr. Havekost, or for today, Eberhard, is a German artist whose one work I have viewed on one occasion. I thought I would never, ever see his picture of a gray cat again because it is a small piece that is part of the Rachovsky collection. The works from this collection were occasionally displayed at the Rachovsky House on Preston Road in Dallas. The collection is an offshoot of the Dallas Museum of Art since the Rachovskys donated much of their collection to the museum a few years ago. The Rachovskys have closed the house to the public again and the works are now shown and stored at the Warehouse. The Warehouse is located a few blocks from my office. However, one must schedule a visit three weeks in advance.  My cat picture is either there or still at the house because I saw a picture of it on the web  on one of the sites not that long ago. I cannot locate the screen shot I took and edited, however. The Rachovskys are always listed in art guides and magazine as being part of the top 200 collectors in the world. So this art is nothing to sneeze at or turn one’s nose up at. They collect modern art.”

Well, I found the pictures. You can’t tell here, but the cat is actually gray.

cat cropped

Liebe (Love), 2005, Eberhard Havekost, oil on canvas, Rachovsky Collection, Dallas, Texas



–in the Rachovsky House during 2006 and 2007 for an exhibition entitled New Acquisitions