Cuba Pictures, Part 1, Fortaleza and the City

I decided to create slide shows to show some of my pictures from Cuba. I believe it will be less tedious for everyone. Enjoy. Will post them as I create and edit!

Each night in Havana, there is a ceremony at the Fortaleza where a cannon shot is fired. The view of the city from atop the fort is spectacular. As in all parts of Havana now, there was some art for the 2015 Bienal. The house where Che lived is near the fort. I must go back to Havana to visit that house/museum and the Museum of the Revolution. As always, I leave something to look forward to for the next time.

Also, there is a huge Jesus statue near the Che museum and the Fortaleza. You can read more about this statue HERE.

Next post–Ford tour of part of the city.