Cuba Pictures, Part 4, Old Havana–Part I

Lots of time on different days was spent walking around Old Havana. Looking at the buildings, going to some museums (history, rum, art), and eating and drinking at some Hemingway and other locales was what you do when you attend a Cuban Hemingway Colloquium and are on a people-to-people tour to Cuba. Here is the first part of what I found interesting in Old Havana. First was Plaza de Armas, where people are selling old books and other items. Around this plaza are some historical buildings and museums. Later time was spent at the Hotel Ambos Mundos, and the historian, Esperanza García Fernández, presented Hemingway’s room 511 and a bit of history regarding his time at the hotel.

In the first slide, the symbol of Havana is shown. The lady atop the building represents Isabel de Soto, Hernando de Soto’s (explorer and conquistador) wife, who was waiting for her husband to return to Cuba from his exploits (he never did). The slide of the road was to show that this particular road in front of the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales (Governor’s Palace) was made of wood instead of stone because the clopping of horses hooves on the road was irritating to the Governor back in the day.