2016 Postcard Project

Happy New Year!

As it is the busy season at my 8-to-5, I have neglected the blog as of late! But now I am back to make a concerted effort to post more.

To kick off 2016, I have decided to start sending a postcard to people I know and to anyone who wants to get a postcard from me. I have so many postcards that I have bought in all my travels (recent and not so recent) that are just taking up space. I have decided to send them all out no matter what. So if you want to receive a postcard from me (that I bought who knows where), just email me at mdenisec (at) gmail (dot) com and I will mail you a post card that I bought either in the USA or Europe. If I have your current address, rest assured you will be getting a post card from me anyway. I am going to try to send out one or two post cards a day!


I will not be using these addresses for any other purposes.

Cheers and Happy Wednesday!