Innsbruck, Austria

Some shots from around the city. Lots of “No’s” in that small park by the river Inn (Innsbruck means Inn Bridge). But Innsbruck is such a nice, clean city. The Inn meets up with the Danube eventually.

Around Innsbruck

I went to an open market and bought a bracelet for 5 euro. It reminded me of going shopping in Paris with my friend Wendy (and later with my friend Greta). But this time I was with Trish, Annette, Vicki, Cathy, Monica, and Jennifer (aka The Magnificent Seven). I occasionally like to break away from the pack and our day in Innsbruck was one of those days. Later that day, Trish and I went to the Swarovski factory (another post), while the others continued to shop in town.

Around Innsbruck 2

Trish had been to Innsbruck before and knew of this great schnapps store. The schnapps came in all flavors and you could buy however much you want. I bought some coffee-flavored and absinthe-flavored schnapps. And some peppermint. The store clerk was very patient and did not mind giving Trish, Vicki, and me endless tastes. 

Around Innbruck 3

One of the more beautiful cathedrals in Innsbruck was St. James.

Innsbruck 5

I had stopped by earlier and took this short video of the bells chiming.