Scenes from the Czech Republic, mostly

This post is in no particular order . . .

This first collage is from the Eagle’s Nest (near Salzburg, Austria). It was a foggy, rainy day atop Hitler’s hideaway, so the view was not as spectacular as it usually is. Nevertheless, it was interesting to go through the specially built tunnel and up the specially built elevator to get to the place. Creepy. This place was made for Hitler for his 50th birthday.

eagles nest

We arrived in the Czech Republic finally–the home of our guides Miroslav and Pavel. Yay! Miroslav broke out the champagne. Later, we met a Czech man who has created a very interesting museum in Moravia on emigrants to Texas and he was good friends with our tour leaders, Steavy and Renee. We also went on a brewery tour of Radergast beer . . . with a tasting looking over the countryside.

Czech various 1

We went to a wonderful open-air archeological museum (thatched roofs, artifacts, and animals) in Modra:

outdoor museum

We had stopped at a beautiful church that John Paul II visited in 1990 in the village of Velehrad. The church was made in honor of St. Cyril and St. Methodius (Cyril’s brother). It was very beautiful, this 3rd largest basilica in the Czech Republic. Our guide below actually belongs in the next collage :-).

cyril 1

She took us on a nice tour through a château, the last of the Hapsburgs properties in the Czech Republic. I thought I was in France again. This château was seized from its owners by the communists. Since they had no heirs, it is now open for tours. I am glad the communists preserved it and did not destroy it–the grounds were beautiful. And the weather was superb after leaving rainy Austria. The wallpaper is not paper–it is painted.

Chateau 1

Below are some group pictures of various related families, but I think they were all related to the owners of the farm we visited. A great dinner was provided by our hosts and we enjoyed music and fun and touring the small farm near Podhradi, Czech Republic.


Following is a collage of some pics of the beautiful Czech countryside (as well as a solar farm)!

Holy Farm

We had also stopped along the way at an Iron Curtain Museum, but I did not think my pics were worthy of this important, yet small museum. This museum was run by very young people, which was impressive, and it presents the history of the borders during the Cold War.

One more post and then I am off to Chicago for the Hemingway Conference!

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  1. hilarymb
    July 15, 2016 at 2:14 AM

    Hi Denise – lovely photos – and you obviously had a very informative and interesting time. I visited Czechoslovakia – when it was that in the 70s … I don’t remember much as I was behind the Iron Curtain and not desperately comfortable with tt … I’ve just read “A time of Gifts” by Patrick Leigh Fermor … fascinating book – takes you on his journey – his command of the English language, history and many aspects is brilliant … I need to read it again – now I’ve got the internet back up.

    Once I found out about the European Green Belt – the swathe of land between the two borders was left untouched for 50 years … providing a pristine nature reserve – it was recorded … so I’m sure your museum run by the young would have been fascinating …

    Enjoy Hemingway conference … cheers Hilary

    • July 15, 2016 at 1:08 PM

      I will look up your book recommendation, Hilary!! Thank you so much. Will update on the Hem conference if anything extraordinary occurs. Should be a good one. I have never been to Chicago. Take care, Denise

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